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About Company Biography

KathyAbout Kathy Abbott

Kathy Abbott is a 20-year veteran of network news, with her first 10 years at ABC News and the last at NBC News. She has written and produced hundreds of news stories and documentaries during her career, winning numerous awards including 4 Emmys. Most recently, she was a Senior Producer at NBC Learn, the educational arm of NBC News. As a key member of both the editorial and technical team, Abbott helped to direct the architecture, design and development of two revolutionary websites that bring the NBC News Archives to teachers and students.

An artist and graphic designer, Abbott spent years developing pro-bono websites on the side for local non-profits. This perfect marriage of her professional and personal experience led her to form Abbott Media Productions, which provides creative digital strategies for creative people, or for anyone looking for innovative online campaigns.

So whether you’re looking for soup-to-nuts video production, website design, social media integration, effective marketing strategies or unique branding, Abbott Media Productions is your one-stop shop for all your media needs.


Services What We Do

Web Design

Abbott Media Productions has a decade of experience developing websites that work, whether you need an online “brochure” or a large website with built-in ecommerce and social media.  We pride ourselves on staying on top of the latest technologies and design trends, and the ever-changing world of content delivery across devices and platforms.  At Abbott Media Productions, we emphasize “form follows function,” which to us, means that your website should accomplish its goals first and foremost. The design of the site should never upstage or detract from those goals. We work closely with every client to ensure that the end product is a perfect marriage of content and design.  We also offer:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Forms
  • E-commerce Integration
  • Social Media Integration
  • Copywriting

Graphic Design

While it’s tempting to go the DIY route when creating your business materials, there’s no substitute for experience.  Why risk making your first impression a mediocre one?  Let Abbott Media Productions design a branding strategy that will provide maximum impact.

  • Logos
  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Flyers and Mailers

Video Production

After twenty years in news and documentary production, Kathy Abbott knows video.  A four-time Emmy-award winner, she can produce your next documentary, corporate or news project from concept to post-production.  Her extensive contacts with the best in the field ensure an A-list team of videographers, editors and other professionals for your project.  Don’t need a cast of thousands?  Abbott Media Productions can work with your budget to create videos that engage, educate and inform.  Here are just a few of video products and services we offer:

  • Freelance production for news, long-form and documentaries
  • Corporate videos
  • Promotional videos
  • Book and movie trailers
  • Web videos

For a list of Kathy Abbott’s documentaries and television projects, click here.

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  • Address: 702 Duncan Street, Ashland, Virginia 23005
  • Phone: (804) 496-1900
  • Email: please use the contact form.  If you’re displaying your email address on your website, you’re asking for spam!

Television Productions

Television Productions


Disaster in the Gulf: A Race Against Time (2010)

When BP’s offshore oil rig, Deepwater Horizon, burst into flames and sank to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, the Discovery Channel was granted exclusive access to the BP emergency team tasked with stopping the massive leak spilling hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil into the Gulf. The challenge? Closing a well had never been done 5 miles below the surface.

Global Warming: What You Need to Know with Tom Brokaw (2006)

2007 Emmy Award
Tom Brokaw takes viewers to all corners of the globe, speaks to leading scientists, and examines the evidence to find out what global warming really means…  and if a 4-degree temperature rise can really make a difference between the world as we know it today, and a world that we might not recognize tomorrow.


Next Wave: Science of Tsunamis (2005)

2005 Cine Award
A look at the deadly Tsunami of 2004 through the eyes of the three American scientists in Hawaii, who are in a race against time to warn countries on the other side of the world about the destructive wave barreling toward them.  The hour is a timeline of both the tsunami’s relentless march through the Indian Ocean and the scientists’ efforts to save lives in the hours it takes for the wave to travel from country to country.


Supervolcano (2005)

Few people realize that the geysers and hot springs which make YellowstoneNational Park so unique are fueled by a massive underground volcano just below their feet.  A volcano that has erupted with cataclysmic results not once in our planet’s history, but three times. With Yellowstone’s top volcanologists as our guides, the documentary re-lives the worst eruptions that Yellowstone has ever experienced and asks the question, can it happen again?


Hurricanes: Deadly Season (2005)

It was a season marked by tragedy, as storm after storm pounded coastlines with relentless fury.  For scientists at the NationalHurricaneCenter in Miami, 2005 was not just a year that broke records – it smashed them.  Hurricanes: Deadly Season is a wild ride through this extraordinary year, a detailed timeline of the devastation wrought by these storms, an examination of the social and economic impacts and the current scientific study of these destructive storms.


A&E Biography: Smarty Jones (2004)

2005 Cine Award
The extraordinary story of a horse from the wrong side of the tracks who nearly takes the Triple Crown.  It’s an underdog story that rivals the emotion and inspiration of some of the greatest sport stories of our time.


Shark Attack: A Boy’s Fight to Survive (2004)

2005 Cine Award
During the brutal attack, 11-year-old Aaron Perez fought ferociously for his life and won — a 60-pound kid against a half-ton shark.  After a remarkable rescue and a grueling 5-hour surgery to reattach his shredded arm, Aaron was determined to make a full recovery so that he could fish with his father once again.  One month after the tragedy, that’s exactly what Aaron did.


A&E Biography: John Kerry (2004)

If you think you know John Kerry, think again.  From a diplomat’s son to presidential candidate, Kerry’s life has followed a road paved with opportunity and controversy… But it always seemed to lead to the one place he’s always wanted to be — the Oval Office.


A&E Biography:  Courtney Love (2004)

A profile of a troubled and complicated entertainer and her struggles to rise above her own scandalous headlines.


Collapse: How the Towers Fell (2003)

An Anatomy of the World Trade Center tragedy, with a poignant look back at the construction, sentiment and symbolism of the Twin Towers that dominated the skyline of New York City for nearly 30 years.


Elizabeth Smart: The Long Journey Home (2003)

The ordeal of Elizabeth Smart is a story of survival … how a young girl was ripped from her family, and against the odds learned to stay alive in the grip of a man with delusions of God and a history of violence.


Behind the Headlines: Understanding Iraq (2002)

2003 Headliner Award
An in-depth look at the people, history and culture of a country under the thumb of a madman.


Miracle at the Mine (2002)

2003 Headliner Award
2003 Silver Chris Award

The dramatic and emotional rescue of 9 miners trapped in a Pennsylvania coal mine, weaving together the miners’ story underground with those above ground waiting – and working frantically – to get them to safety.


Raising of the Kursk (2001)

The extraordinary efforts to raise a sunken Russian nuclear submarine, and the tragic events that put it on the ocean floor.


World Trade Center: The Day After (2001)

2001 Emmy nomination
One of 10 specials produced in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks.


Master Blasters (2001)

A Profile of some of the best demolition experts in the country and the science behind implosion techniques.


Mars Live (1998)

1998 Emmy nomination
1998 Chris Award

Live broadcast of the historic landing of the Pathfinder spacecraft on Mars, with special access inside mission control.


John Glenn: A Pioneer Returns (1998)

1999 Emmy nomination
1999 Headliner Award
1998 Chris Award

A look back at the extraordinary life of John Glenn, and a look ahead to his return to space aboard the Shuttle Discovery at age 77.


Predicting the 21st Century (1999)

An entertaining and informative sneak peak at the coming millennium through the prism of science fiction.


Other Recognitions and Awards:

1998 Headliner Award, “Ultimate Performance: Science Behind the Olympics”
1995 Emmy Award: “The Oklahoma City Bombing” (Associate Producer)
1994 Emmy Award: “The Making of a Summit” (Associate Producer)
1992 Dupont-Columbia Journalism Award, “Anatomy of a Riot” (Associate Producer)
1992 Emmy Award, “72 Hours to Victory” (Production Associate)